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Xbox celebrates 15 years in Europe


Microsoft is celebrating today in Europe. On March 14, 2002, its first desktop console, the Xbox, was put on sale in Europe. The company founded by Bill Gates was thus taking its first steps in the field of video games, a territory that at that time was co-opted by Sony with PlayStation 2 and Nintendo with the impending GameCube.

The first Microsoft console

Xbox supposed a change in the paradigm of the manufacturers of consoles since it incorporated to Microsoft to the trio of creators of machines taking the relief from Sega that left the production of consoles after the results of Dreamcast. In fact, Microsoft did it signing Peter Moore, an executive who had worked at the firm of the famous blue hedgehog Sonic.

Xbox managed to sell more than 24 million consoles worldwide and achieved several commercial successes in its video game catalog, including the Halo saga, whose first installment designed by Bungie grabbed the 8.5 million games sold and was transformed into an icon that still exists.

In its launch, the console featured games such as Fuzion Frenzy, Odd world: Munch’s Odyssey and Project Gotham Racing, among other titles that now remain deep in the hearts of the players of the brand created by Microsoft. Xbox was removed from the market in 2008 and Xbox codes free were also removed, so it coexisted with its successor, the Xbox 360, for several years.

Together with Sega and its Dreamcast, Microsoft was one of the first console manufacturers that entered fully and solidly into the online game. For this, the Xbox Live platform was created, which still exists and has been consecrated as a solid online service.

Scorpio, the future of Xbox

After living a successful generation hand in hand with Xbox 360, Microsoft launched its successor, the current Xbox One, and works on its future in video games with the new Project Scorpio, the machine that is already anticipated as the most powerful console ever created. In this news, we tell you the latest details published about the console that will be released this year.


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